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Varascend was built using Varascend. After I finished the prototype, I hired every single person that worked on the platform by using the platform. That's how I know it will work for you! - Shon Sherwood, Founder and CEO, Varascend /, Inc.

Here are some great reasons why you should join our community...

Clients love it

We give clients full control and transparency when booking. All you have to do is keep your calendar up to date so that we can show clients when you're available. They schedule time with you. It's a self service model and clients absolutely love it because it's easy and fast.

Your calendar is your friend

We’ve automated booking and payment. That means when a client books you, the job automatically appears on your calendar without you lifting a finger. If you don't want the job, just refund the payment and wait for another client!

Think you deserve a raise?

Let the market decide! If you have a strong client base and multiple clients want to hire you at the same time, they will bid for your time and drive up your rate through our proprietary time auction engine. You don't need to get involved, so let them decide who wins! You'll see the results when the money hits your bank account. You don't ever need to think about raising or lowering rates again!

Build a massive client base

Varascend lets clients manage themselves. It's easy to take on a large number of clients and jobs through our platform. Plus, a big client base can lead to more bidding and hourly rate increases for you. So don't be afraid to develop a huge client base. You can handle 10 clients on Varascend or 10,000. You won't be any less efficient.

Get paid faster and easier

Our automatic transfer system means that money typically reaches your checking account within 2 business days of the booking. No invoices, no receipts, no payout requests. And our fees are tiny because we're not run by profiteering gluttons.

View Our Pricing to see just how little we charge.   

Integrate us into your flow

It’s easy for existing and prospective clients to hire you using Varascend. Direct clients to your profile via advertisements, voicemail message, email signature, business cards, etc., and let them do the rest. You just show up and work.

Clients find you (in public beta now)

We’ll help new clients find you via detailed search and precise social media advertising. In addition to making it easier to work with your existing clients, we'll help you find new ones.

We value your time as a freelancer. We get it, time is money.

Freelancers on average spend 30% of their time on scheduling, bidding, negotiating, and invoicing. With Varascend, all you have to do is show up and work.

Don’t just take our word for it

Maria Jose Arcos, Graphic Designer

Varascend gives me the opportunity to grow both, in my professional area and in my personal life. It is a smart platform that helps me to relax and enjoy my free time, while it makes sure my customers are scheduled and gives me the best price for my services.

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Terry Braggs, Chef

Varascend has been a great tool for me as a chef! The site's ability to organize my schedule gives me the time to focus on the work being done. Transactions are fast too, a day or two and the funds are in my account. Thanks for relieving me of the stress for scheduling and billing!

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Gabrielle Jones, Nanny

Varascend works for me! My schedule is always up to date with bookings, and I don't have to worry about being paid on time - the site takes care of everything. I know what's going on every day - I don't have to stress out about who and what and where; it's all seen to, seamlessly. I show up, have fun with the kids, and know that everything's been settled ahead of time. Best idea ever!

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