Varascend Works for You

By balancing your needs and the needs of your clients

Varascend’s online platform syncs with your calendar to find out when you’re free and looking for work. Clients quickly hire you based on your schedule. If multiple clients need you for the same time, they bid on your time and drive up your hourly rate.

Getting Started

Step 1: Sign Up

Link your Google Calendar and Stripe Merchant Account (which lets you get paid) with Varascend. If you don’t have a Stripe account, it’s easy to sign up. Next, build your profile page with skills, listed services, etc. When you’re ready to go, you’ll get a url to your profile, something like

Step 2: Get organized

Make sure your calendar is up to date with all of your activities. That way, clients will know when you’re free and they can book you. Our new feature (coming soon) will also let you add specific times when you want to work to your calendar.

Step 3: Advertise and Capture Leads

Add your profile url to business cards, flyers, websites, emails, or anywhere else you see fit. Have it on your email signature and voicemail greeting. Make sure to leave a small explanation, like, “Hire me at” That way, clients can hire you even when you can’t respond.

Step 4: Get to work

Since all bookings are pre-paid, easily refund the ones you can’t or don’t want to work. Once you get a job you like, do it. It’s that easy.

Daily Workflow

Step A: Check your calendar

You’ll find detailed job descriptions automatically synced.

Step B: Get to work

Do the jobs you want, refund the ones you don’t.

Step C: Enjoy your life

Easy scheduling means more free time!

Step D: Get more clients

If you need more clients, spend some time advertising and networking.

Step A: Find a freelancer

Go directly to a freelancer’s profile url or search for freelancers through our advanced search engine (coming soon).

Step B: Check availability

Click the Find Availability button on the freelancer’s profile page to see when they’re free to work. You can also see how the freelancer wants to work (free intro, phone call, online work, online visit). Our Enhanced Search (coming soon) will let you filter availability and type of work to find the right freelancer for the job.

Step C: Bid On or Buy Time

Select time marked Buy Now to hire a freelancer for a fixed hourly rate. You can also bid to start or join an auction for the freelancer’s time. Set your maximum offer and we’ll automatically enter bids for you against other perspective clients. Each auction closes 48 hours before the beginning of the time block.

Step D: Payment

Enter you credit card information. Payment is taken immediately with Buy Now or once the Bid auction ends. If you don’t win an auction you don’t get charged. Once the payment is processed, the freelancer’s time is your's.

Daily Workflow

Step 1: Check your calendar

You’ll find all of the jobs that you scheduled through Varascend automatically synced.

Step 2: Reach out

Send your freelancers everything they need to get the job started.

Step 3: Check in

It’s always a good idea to see check in with your freelancers, especially if they are working longer projects.

Step 4: Buy more time

If your existing project isn’t quite finished or your new one is just getting started, purchase more time with your freelancer.

Make freelancing your 9-5, or your 5-9 if you’d like.